Training Essentials

Nicole Loher

Going into my second season of triathlon training, I’ve found the perfect balance things I can’t train without. These are my tried and trues for swimming, biking and running.


I’ve tried MANY water bottles but this 40oz Takeya bottle is incredible. It keeps water cold for up to 24 hours so if you’re like me and love ice, it’s great for retaining that chill.

I've tested many running shoes and these have proven to be the best for me, long distance. They're essentially like running on clouds. 

Zoomers + Goggles + Fold-Up Ray-Bans

Goggles are essentially the sunglasses of the sea, no? I've been through at least 10 pairs in the last season and I'm super set on these Speedo Mirrored gems. They are super reflective for open water swimming and hardly fog up. I throw my zoomers in my swim bag twice a week, because you never know when you want to work on your leg strength, foot speed, and ankle flexibility. And those Ray-Bans fold up so when you need to break for a quick bite on the bike, they easily fold up and can fit into your bike bag.

Well, we all know I love to eat and refueling properly is major for me. When I work through brick sessions (i.e. doing two legs of the triathlon back-to-back), I lean on Justin's nut butters in individual packets and nuun, a clean electrolyte enhanced drink tablet, to keep me going. I personally love the almond butter + Fruit Punch nuun for race day.

Would love to hear what you can't train without. Drop me a line on Instagram.